Who We Are

With a whopping 15 years of experience in insurance and accounting, Westland Tax & Insurance Services is the real deal. We don’t just sell policies; we’re here to serve you, whether it’s sorting out auto insurance, home insurance, or helping you figure out the accounting side of things. It’s not just business for us; it’s personal.

Our Mission

Getting insurance can sometimes feel like a bit of a hassle, right? You fork out a bunch of money, and all you get in return are a few sheets of policy papers. Well, not with us at Westland Insurance Services! We’re all about making this whole process a breeze and giving you more than just paperwork – we’re talking genuine support and top-notch customer service.

As a go-to Accounting & Insurance firm known for our quality service, we’ve set the bar high for ourselves. We’re not just about transactions; we’re your trusted advisors. Our main goal is to be there for you, providing smart advice that helps you make savvy financial decisions. Got questions about taxes or insurance? We’re not just here to answer them; we’re here to dive into the nitty-gritty, understanding how they impact your money matters.

Our Values

Customer-Centric Approach

Westland Insurance Services values the customer experience, aiming to make the process of obtaining insurance seamless and supportive. The emphasis is on providing more than just policy papers – it’s about genuine support and top-notch customer service.


With over 15 years of experience in insurance and accounting, Westland Tax & Insurance Services prides itself on being a trusted and knowledgeable partner. The company values its expertise in assessing and understanding the unique needs of clients, whether it’s related to auto insurance, home insurance, or accounting.

Comprehensive Service

The company values offering a comprehensive service that goes beyond traditional transactions. Westland Insurance Services positions itself not just as policy vendors but as partners dedicated to serving clients with a blend of experience, knowledge, and care.

High Standards and Reputation

Westland Insurance Services upholds high standards, as reflected in its reputation as an Accounting & Insurance firm. The company values the trust clients place in them, consistently demanding excellence from themselves and maintaining a reputation for quality services.


The company values its role as a trusted advisor, recognizing the importance of being available to clients and providing insightful advice. The primary goal is to empower clients to make informed financial decisions, acknowledging the impact of both tax and insurance situations.

Personalized Approach

Westland Insurance Services values a personalized and conversational approach to client interactions. The content suggests a commitment to making the communication style more approachable, aiming for a genuine connection with clients.


The company values accessibility, inviting clients to reach out anytime for questions or assistance. The provided contact information reinforces the commitment to being available and responsive to client needs.

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